Stop the cash drain!  Some of your aging clients are being ripped off and YOU can lose assets to manage as a result.
  • Attention Financial Professionals!
    Financial abuse of elders has been called the crime of the century. A recent study shows that it costs seniors over $36B per year in the US.  Your clients are not immune.  No one is.  Learn how you can protect what you manage and protect your client from predators.
  • This course gives you a quick but revealing overview of the problem, the trends going on and the solutions you can use to stop this crim. We review the nine domains of financial capacity and describe the seven warning signs that your client may be a victim of financial abuse. We suggest ways that you can act to keep those funds safe, your client safe and the regulators satisfied that you are doing what you can.
  • In this one hour couse you will learn:
  • 1- To improve your understanding of diminished capacity so you can act fast to stop abuse.  You can be proactive to prevent it too!
  • 2- To recognize the biggest seven warning signs of abuse.
  • 3- To form an action plan to stop abuse before a client's assets are depleted.
  • 4- To understand how to involve third parties in taking action when clients have diminished capacity.