Working With Aging Clients: A Guide for Legal, Business, and Financial Professionals

“It does not matter what specialty we have or what market we work in, nor whether we are lawyers, business advisors, financial professionals or others. We are now facing or will soon be facing a rising tide of aging folks among us.”
The chapters improve your understanding of:
·       myths and stereotypes about aging;
·       difficulties working with aging clients;
·       common elder-specific issues;
·       communication with elders;
·       family conflicts regarding elders; and
·       resolution techniques that can help keep issues with aging clients from escalating 
Rosenblatt combines her nursing perspective with her legal experience to deepen the reader’s understanding of the aging person/client, presenting practical concepts that any professional can use. Woven throughout the book are lessons from Rosenblatt’s many years of working directly with elder people, both as patients and as clients she represented, as well as in her mediation work.
Another common theme of “Working with Aging Clients” is that we all age differently. Rosenblatt writes, “There are nonagenarians who are athletes. Some people over 100 years of age are still mentally sharp. And don’t be surprised if you meet a spry elder who needs no accommodation, tells you to get on with it, and otherwise busts every stereotype you’ve ever held about aging persons.”
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Carolyn Rosenblatt’s newest book helps any professional in any field be best prepared to deal with your aging clients.  Imagine: Instead of being uncomfortable with an elderly client walking through your doorway, you feel confident. 

Dr. Gary Small, M.D. -  Author, Professor of Psychiatry and Aging, Director of the Longevity Center at UCLA

A Word From The Author

“I want the reader to get immediate benefit from the lessons learned over the  years in working with many families at, I founded with my psychologist husband, Dr. Mikol Davis.
We also founded , for education about elder abuse prevention..” We live in a youth-obsessed culture where older people are often dismissed or marginalized. But soon we’ll be seeing more walkers than baby strollers on the sidewalks. People are living longer now than ever before in history.  Anyone engaged with senior clients will be better prepared for their work with the new American Bar Association, Senior Lawyers Division book, “Working with Aging Clients: A Guide for Legal, Business and Financial Professionals”  by Carolyn Rosenblatt, published by the American Bar Association, one of the largest voluntary legal organization in the world.